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Our business is based on the belief that businesses need to interact with their target audience at the point of sale to reinforce their brand and message.  To accomplish this goal, we use mobile billboards mounted on our state-of-the-art proprietary recumbent tri-cycles known as “Promo bikes”.  Comprised of two back-lit, 6-sheet billboard units mounted on a high-tech (motor optional) tri-cycle chassis, each promo bike is an innovative and eye-catching medium that attracts the attention of more individuals than standard billboard and poster ads.

Promo bikes also serve as a platform for staging advertising campaigns and other events that are tailored to meet advertisers' specific needs and goals.  Promo bikes are equipped to integrate high performance sound systems, interior cool boxes and shelving, storage space, wheel stickers, inflatable billboards and other alternative materials.  Adbike operators can be dressed according to advertiser specifications and facilitate the distribution of samples, products or promotional materials.  Additional promoters or “Promo people” can also be engaged to supplement the Promo bikes by distributing samples or flyers and performing other promotional activities.

Business Opportunity

We are now seeking licensees nationwide to expand our unique and innovative business.  Some of the benefits of joining our network are the following:

Promo bikes have been launched in several major cities in countries all over the world and have proven to be a huge success.  Over the past four years, this unique concept has delivered quality service and value to a variety of major brands and retailers.  These major advertisers are a testament to the value and utility of the form of advertising we offer and contribute to our continued success. 

Turnkey Business Package

We have successfully started and managed our advertising business and provided our products and services in the United States.  We have developed a valuable business model and process for selling and providing our advertising services, and realize the necessity and value of forming strategic alliances with capable business partners in order to expand quickly.  Accordingly, we are pleased to offer a turnkey business solution for our licensees who wish to reap all of the benefits of our past efforts, knowledge and expertise.

For a low start-up license fee based on your geographic territory and the duration of your contract, our turnkey package provides access to our licensees to all of the following assets and benefits we have already placed in service:

•   Promo bikes at no additional cost (security deposit required)

•   Listings on our US-based websites:

•   Customer referrals, customer lists, customer information and contacts

•   Promotional and marketing brochures, media kits, order forms, presentations, business cards, photos, videos, designs, postcards, posters and other materials

•   Established goodwill, logo and brand name of Promo Bikes Advertising

•   All patents, trademarks and other intellectual property we now have or may obtain in the future

•   General advertising and promotional efforts

•   Budget, pricing and marketing strategies, preparation and information

•   An established infrastructure, supply network and service provider contacts

•   Our industry experience and knowledge, management skills and expertise

•   Training, support and consulting services

•   Assistance with arranging for financing and business insurance

•   Research and development

Exclusive Territory

With the purchase of licenses for at least four (4) or more Adbikes within twelve months after commencement of operations, a licensee will receive the exclusive right to access all of these assets and benefits in the licensee's Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) (as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).

Promo Bikes Network

By joining our team, our licensees become part of a network where each member of the team contributes to the success of a whole.  Every major client, or even just a contact, in one city in the network, becomes a potential major client for another licensee in another city.  Every piece of marketing material, every web page and every call on our toll-free number benefits the entire network.  We will continue to pursue our research and development efforts to expand our business, increase our client base, improve the operation of our Adbikes, enhance the quality of our media products and protect the value of our services and marketing strategies.

We believe that our continued success in this business will result from the sharing of our knowledge, strategies and resources, which will give our entire network a significant advantage over our advertising competitors.

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