Promo Bikes is based on Ad bikes UK, a concept of the Promo Bikes…a unique mobile illuminated poster bike… to satisfy the demand for a new form of innovative ambient advertising for outdoors, US Nation-wide.



PromoBikes are high-tech Tri-cycles, integrated with two 6x4 ft poster panels on the chassis. This innovative ambient advertising provides the opportunity to deliver your message straight to the heart of the market place…virtually anywhere…creating a highly-targeted outdoor advertising campaign.


The Promo Bikes concept has been revolutionary and now includes some
exciting product developments under the Promo Bikes Inc, umbrella. The success in cities around the world has been built on delivering results and this has led
to a repeat client list of retailers, local businesses and major brands that is without equal.


Clients find that our mobile promotional bikes
are the innovative ambient advertising concept we intended
and that they deliver results

Promo Bikes come complete with a high performance sound system to allow your corporate message, soundtrack or radio commercial to be played in public. Audio adds an attractive quality to ambient advertising during events such as product sampling or store launches. The unique back-lit system enables our illuminated mobile poster bikes to operate all year round, day or night and offer incredible presence on the street. Promo Bikes serve as a superb alternative solution within the ambient advertising sector.

Perfect for...


Interact with your target audience

Promo Bikes riders are recruited for their enthusiasm and abilities to interact with target audience (if required) and can be dressed in the corporate clothing strengthening a brand's visibility. The riders can also be dressed according to the client's wishes and be used for distributing product or promotional leaflets at designated areas.

Promo Bikes are a powerful, innovative and cost-effective way to combine
alternative advertising and sales promotions, allowing you to literally
pin-point your target market…


Our success has been build on delivering results

“OUTDOOR GETS RESULTS” say consumers surveyed within a recent Arbitron study. Through seeing an outdoor advertisement:

Mobile outdoor advertising statistical advantages

According to the 2000 United States Census , today's demographic target audience lives an increasingly active lifestyle away from their living rooms, creating more exposure opportunities in the mobile outdoor advertising arena.

According to a study of the critical role that outdoor advertising vehicles play in today's media mix, the following statistical information was reported by Arbitron * corporation:

“Whether targeted to pedestrians or vehicle passengers, outdoor media have the power to reach mobile consumers Particularly, outdoor media can play a critical role in a media plan by reaching consumers who receive less exposure from traditional channels such as print and/or broadcast.”

Among the study's findings are that Americans are more mobile than ever before. For instance, Americans reported traveling an average of 302 miles in a vehicle in the past seven days with an average round trip commute to work of 54 minutes . Pedestrian traffic has also stepped up across the country with 8 of 10 Americans reporting that they have walked in any city or town in the past 7 days.

A statistical study conducted by Arbitron supports Mobile Advertising as a mobile media that targets vehicle drivers/passengers, reaching 96 percent of Americans weekly. The advantages of Mobile Advertising are so profound in fact that Arbitron is currently developing a system for measuring audiences in local mobile ad markets across the United States — similar to their rating system for
broadcast media.

Nancy Fletcher, president of OAAA ** agrees that, “outdoor media not only
have significant reach, but they can generate extremely significant frequency
exposure among heavy commuters and vehicle drivers/passengers.”

* Arbitron Inc. is an international media and marketing research firm serving radio broadcasters, cable companies, advertisers, and advertising agencies in the United States and Europe.
** Based in Washington, D.C., the Outdoor Advertising Association of America is the leading trade association representing the outdoor advertising industry.




Cost advantages - Reach and Frequency

The graphs below illustrate how delivery of typical Out-of-Home media builds impressions in a short period of time. Reach will accumulate rapidly during weeks 1 and 2, then level off. Once the reach basis is established, frequency builds during the remaining four-week period.

Reach: Reach is the approximate percentage of the target audience's population which will be potentially exposed to the advertising message at least once during the Showing.

Frequency: The average number of times an individual has the opportunity to see an advertising message during a defined period of time.

GRP: (Gross Rating Point) - Represents the percentage of the population that will see your ad per day in a specific city. Also known as a showing.


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